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 April 2017


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The clinic has had a makeover, it was painted over the Christmas period and is now looking much fresher and brighter.  If you are a believer in colour therapy or "chromatology", then the newly painted soft grey on the walls of the clinic should have you feeling calm and relaxed. We hope you like it.


Belcoma has a new website that is now up and running, we have moved into the modern era of technology! Keep an eye on it as there will be new and interesting articles for you to read and keep updated.



 We have also joined Facebook and Instagram!!!


If you Like & Share us on these sites you will go in the draw to win all of this:

Enter the draw to win a fabulous hamper full of goodies!
Simply like and share our Facebook and Instagram pages and you automatically enter the draw...
The hamper includes:

  • a Complete Sleeper therapeutic pillow
  • a therapeutic wheat heat pack for an adult
  • a therapeutic wheat heat pack for a child
  • a 50g jar of our Arnica Cream - great for bruises and inflammation
  • a 50g jar of our Calendula Cream - great for cuts and burns
  • a 100g tube of Ice Gel to ease muscular aches and pain
  • a jar of Blooms 900mg Magnesium Capsules
  • two Cadbury Easter chocolate packs
    Raffle drawn just before the Easter Holiday break!!



Belcoma wil be closed on the following days over the Easter period:
  • Friday 14th April
  • Saturday 15th April
  • Monday 17th April

Please enjoy your Easter break, stay safe on the roads and get those last few Summer jobs out of the way before the colder weather sets in.



  1.  Remember to breath properly. Just because you are breathing, doesn't mean you are doing it well. Deep breathing allows for vital exchange of gases like oxygen, as well as relaxtion of muscles.
  2. Watch your posture. Someone that is stressed or depressed will almost have poor posture. Simply by changing your posture can change the levels of your stress. Whether sitting, standing or lying, imagine your spine is being gently stretched and lengthened.
  3. Exercise regularly.  There is plenty of research now that shows people who exercise regularly experience less stress, try to do a 30 minute walk daily.
  4. Have a purpose for your life. Too often we get caught up in the "stuff of day-to-day living, instead of focusing positively on what is really important.
  5. Nurture your physical being. Eat wholesome foods, get plenty of rest and keep your body balanced with regular chiropractic adjustments.



Coming Soon....